Alone on a warm summer day, a young girl stumbles into her Grandmother's mostly abandoned attic; a forest of cobwebs and deteriorating cardboard, and in one of the darkest corners they find an ornate puzzle box constructed of sequoia wood brass fittings and seals. Like the family that sealed this box, the girl's instincts take hold as her hands move freely to unlock the several-stage lock.
It clicks open and an undeniable energy fills the space around the girl. Inside she finds nicknacks of driftwood and sinew, clips of horse hair, and most intriguingly a series of photos capturing the playful nature of what can only be described as a forest nymph. The spirit was kind enough to grace the images, but no one knows where they came from or why they reside in this deeply religious woman's attic.
Copyright 2015 W D King and 1Tree Productions

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